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Bob Babbitt

Date: 10th March 2023
Bob Babbitt


Bob Babbitt

Bob Babbitt's name is so synonymous with the sport of triathlon, he is known as its Godfather.

Bob's first Ironman in Hawaii was the third in Ironman history and he has been hooked on triathlon ever since, both as a competitor and on the media side of it too. He's a passionate storyteller and is amazing at finding the real stories among the noise of the race. He is also  devoted to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which he helped to co-found, through which he has raised over $140m to help  people with physical challenges enjoy sport and athletics.

Claire and I wanted to chat to him about the early days of the sport, how both he and some of the characters that he hung out with went on to build amazing businesses within their passion, and how innovation in sport and business can create whole new exciting opportunities for the future. In this episode you will witness what a brilliant story teller Bob is, hear about the roots of the sport we love, as well as see how his genuine passion is infectious!

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Bob Babbitt


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