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Claire Danson

Date: 6th March 2024


In this episode, Charlie and Claire welcome Claire Danson as shares her journey of recovering from a devastating accident to becoming an inspirational para athlete. Claire was involved in a tragic accident that left her paralyzed, however, determined and relentless in her approach, she treated her therapy and recovery sessions with the same discipline as her prior triathlon training. She describes the importance of understanding and accepting the new reality, fostering a positive mindset, harnessing the power of routine, and celebrating small achievements. Claire shares her post-recovery sports endeavours, which include half-Ironman and a 255 triathlon event. She eventually aspires to participate in the Paralympics. The conversation delves deeper into discussions about support systems, kindness towards oneself, and focusing on progress.


  • Reflections on Recovery
  • The Journey Before the Accident
  • The Immediate Aftermath and Hospital Experience
  • Transitioning Back Home and Facing New Challenges
  • The Role of Sport in Recovery
  • Future Aspirations and Goals

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Show notes

Contact Claire Danson: Website | Instagram


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