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Crista Cullen

Date: 2nd April 2021

Crista Cullen

Crista Cullen won Gold and Bronze medals in three Olympic appearances, with a total of 197 international caps and 3 as a World All-Star.

Having grown up in rural Kenya, Crista spent her teenage years boarding at Oakham School and over the next decade she progressed through the ranks of elite hockey, that included the incredible London 2012 Olympics and scoring the crucial goal in the final of Rio 2016 to win gold. She now spends her time helping the corporate world and growing her own charity Tofauti, which helps support African wildlife and communities.

In this fascinating interview, Sid and I got the opportunity to chat to Crista about the power of the team, finding a sense of belonging through sport, and creating a purpose beyond sport.

Listen to the Podcast below or here

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