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Indie Lee

Date: 28th February 2024


In this episode, Charlie and Claire welcome professional triathlete India Lee to discuss her journey from a shy childhood and her aversion to drama classes, to endurance sports and beyond. Indie earned a scholarship for competitive athletics in the U.S.

Discussing the intense yet enriching experience of college sports and its impact on young athletes, Indie sheds light on the different cultures of sports in the UK and the U.S.

After experimenting with short and middle-distance triathlon, she has now moved on to the long course triathlons. Indie shares exciting insights from her time in Kona, her shift in perception about the place, and discusses her anticipation for the races to come.

Indie also touches upon the importance of having a supportive tribe and strategic approach to improving race performance. Her growth mindset, resilience, and continuous learning approach in sports is something we can all learn from.


  • Childhood and Getting into Running
  • Transitioning from Running to Swimming
  • University Experience and U.S. Scholarship
  • Intense Training and Cultural Differences
  • Transitioning into Triathlon
  • Challenges and Support in Triathlon
  • Experiences in Ironman and Kona
  • Learning from Others and Personal Growth
  • Challenges of Flying with a Bike

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Show notes

Contact India Lee: LinkedIn | Wikipedia


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