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James Poole

Date: 29th September 2023

Photo Credit: @nickilange



Unleash the ultra runner within you in a fascinating conversation with James Poole, an iron man, and outdoor enthusiast. Embark on an enthralling journey as we delve into James' transformation from Ironman competitions to the thrilling world of ultra marathons. Be prepared to be inspired by James' riveting experiences racing in the Gobi Desert, engaging with the underground Speed Project, and tackling grueling self-supported ultra marathons. His tales of hallucinations and battling sleep deprivation shed light on the extreme mental and physical demands of ultra running.

Let's sprint forward as we explore James's unique approach to ultra-running, which surprisingly emphasizes the significance of walking for long-distance runners. Get an inside track on his energy conservation strategies, safety measures, and coping methods for sleep deprivation. For those ready to take the leap into endurance sports, get ready to be inspired by James' book recommendation, 'Always the Runner.'

For our final sprint, we pace into the evolution of James' global running community, Advent Running, birthed from a 25 Days of Exercise challenge. Feel the exhilaration of leading weekly running groups, partnering with brands, and navigating the pressures of being self-employed. We cap off our conversation with a stimulating debate on adventure running, breaking norms, and crafting new experiences. Lace up your running shoes for this electrifying exploration into the mind of an ultra runner!

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Instagram: @jamesdpoole


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