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Jeff & Chloe Smith

Date: 10th July 2024


Welcome to another episode and season of the Business of Endurance, where we explore the inspirational journeys and practical wisdom of remarkable individuals who blend passion with perseverance. Today, we're thrilled to host Chloe and Jeff Smith, the dynamic father-daughter duo behind Bigmoose and Bigmoose Coffee Co. What started from a profound personal loss has grown into a beacon of hope and community support in Cardiff. Jeff, a former professional athlete turned philanthropist, and Chloe, a record-setting mountaineer and passionate advocate for mental health, have combined their adventuresome spirits to create more than just a café. They’ve established a charity dedicated to drastically cutting down the waiting time for mental health services and supporting those in need through innovative community-focused solutions. Join us as we dive into their heartfelt story, learn about their unique business model, and uncover the powerful life lessons they’ve gathered along their impactful journey. As a business coach, there is so much wisdom in this episode that I guarantee you'll take both inspirational and practical life advice away from it, plus if you hang around until the end, I've got a gift for you that will have you creating a legacy as amazing as Jeff & Chloe's!


  • Climbing Kilimanjaro: A Life-Changing Journey
  • The Origin of Big Moose: A Legacy of Love
  • Big Moose Coffee Company: A Community Hub
  • Overcoming Challenges: From Soup Kitchen to Coffee Shop
  • Jeff's Mountaineering Adventures
  • Chloe's Mentorship and Community Impact
  • Mental Health Support at the Coffee Shop
  • The Transformative Power of Everest
  • Overcoming Adversity: The Coffee Shop's Struggles
  • Jeff's Parkinson's Diagnosis and Its Impact
  • Raising a Million Pounds for Mental Health
  • Books That Inspire and Guide
  • Future Goals and Legacy

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Show notes

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