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Nick Butter

Date: 10th April 2024


In this episode, Charlie and Claire welcome Nick Butter as he shares the story behind his passion for running, starting with a childhood marathon participation that sparked his enduring love for the sport. Butter discusses how running served as therapy, an antidote to city life, and eventually evolved into performances in marathons around the world. He details pivotal moments and meetings that shifted his perspective, particularly his participation in the Marathon Des Sables, which led to the ambitious goal of running a marathon in every country. This experience not only changed his life but also led to the creation of his running business, charity work, and breaking world records. The conversation covers Butter's adventures, the lessons learned, the people met along the way, and his upcoming endurance projects, including a marathon endeavour in New Zealand and a potential record-breaking marathon challenge along the Pan American Highway. The episode also delves into Butter's initiative, Run Weekends, aimed at fostering community and togetherness through running, emphasising inclusivity across various destinations worldwide.


  • Finding Love for Running and the Therapy It Provides
  • The Turning Point: From Hobby to Passion
  • The Life-Changing Marathon in the Sahara
  • The Challenges and Triumphs of a Global Marathon Mission
  • Facing Fears and Overcoming Obstacles
  • The Scariest Moment: A Close Call at the Border
  • Reflecting on Public Perception During COVID
  • The Physical and Mental Toll of Marathon Running
  • Turning Passion into a Career: The Birth of Run Weekends
  • Dangerous Locations & Dream Destinations

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Show notes

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