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Sebastien Bellin

Date: 21st February 2024


In this episode, Charlie and Claire welcome Sebastien Bellin, a former professional basketball player recounts his journey from global traveller with his parents, to sports as a means of cultural immersion, to eventually becoming deeply invested in the sports industry. Sebastien shares the story of his near-fatal encounter with a bombing at Brussels airport, where he was severely injured and nearly lost both his legs.

Despite these challenges, he managed to maintain consciousness long enough to stay alive due to his high glucose levels from enjoying pasta carbonara the night before the tragedy. Post recovery, he set a seemingly unrealistic goal of competing in the Ironman race in Hawaii, which he was able to successfully achieve.

Throughout his story, Sebastien emphasises the importance of staying present and having a positive outlook on life. He also discusses the differences between fixing and healing oneself, and shares insights on the significance of quality vs quantity, and how focusing on immeasurable qualities can help one see no limits in life.


  • Sebastien's Early Life and Basketball Career
  • Transition from Sports to Business
  • The Brussels Attack & The Power of Pasta Carbonara
  • The Power of Presence and Overcoming Fear
  • Setting the Goal: From Hospital Bed to Ironman
  • The Journey to Ironman and Lessons Learned
  • The Impact of Sports and Education

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Show notes

Contact Sebastien Bellin: LinkedIn | BBC Article


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