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Steve Parry MBE

Date: 3rd April 2024


In this episode, Charlie and Claire welcome Steve Parry, a former Olympic swimmer turned entrepreneur. The discussion traverses Steve's unconventional entry into swimming after a childhood incident, his experiences competing against Michael Phelps, and his humble beginnings which led to an Olympic medal win. Steve shares insights on the significance of goal setting, both in sports and in business, and reflects on the learning opportunities that come from embracing personal development. The conversation also delves into Steve's entrepreneurial ventures aimed at improving access to swimming lessons amidst a backdrop of public pool closures in the UK, emphasising the importance of swimming as a life skill. Moreover, Steve highlights his parenting goals, underscoring the importance of dedicating time and resources to being a good father. The episode concludes with Steve offering his perspective on setting comprehensive, meaningful goals that go beyond business and fitness, to include family and personal growth.


  • The Unlikely Journey to Olympic Swimming
  • From Near-Drowning to Olympic Medalist
  • The Highs and Lows of an Olympic Career
  • Learning from Failure: The Sydney Olympics
  • The Road to Redemption: Winning Bronze in Athens
  • Setting Goals and Embracing Challenges
  • The Importance of Trying Different Things
  • Racing Against Michael Phelps
  • The Power of Goal Setting
  • Nutritional Strategies and Personal Health
  • The 5 and 2 Nutrition Rule: Balancing Diet and Enjoyment
  • The Decline of Public Swimming Pools: A National Concern
  • The Ultimate Goal: Striving to Be the Best Dad

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Show notes

Contact Steve Parry: Website | LinkedIn


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