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Wanda Summers

Date: 22nd April 2022
Wanda Summers

Wanda Summers

Wanda Summers has an incredible story that demonstrates the power of the mind; she got into running by signing up to Marathon Des Sables (MDS), billed as one of the toughest races on earth…certainly not an easy start, but life was about to get much harder.

Soon after MDS she was paralysed in a paragliding accident back in Cornwall and was told that without surgery she had 0% chance of walking again. But Wanda ignored the advice, defied the odds, and is now not only walking, but back to running ultra-marathons!

Claire and I got the chance to chat to Wanda about mental strength both through racing and recovery, going from couch to MDS, the iconic races she has done since, and the secrets to running longer and faster.


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